Small business ownership is a dream for countless Americans. The prospect of owning and operating your own space is exciting — but it takes a lot of time and work to get there. In many ways, the most difficult phase for a new small business is when it is first opening and getting off the ground. Money is almost certainly bound to be tight, and margins likely unfavorable. Still, with effort, hard work, and a little luck, you can certainly weather the storm!

Here are three things to do when starting a new business, to best set yourself up for success.

1. Carefully Manage Finances

It simply cannot be overstated: careful financial planning is essential for a new business. This type of planning will begin prior to opening your enterprise, but should continue through its early days (and realistically, throughout the business’ lifespan). 

The first step is designing a careful, thorough business plan that can help plot out your business before you first open. Your business plan should contain, above all, realistic financial projections about your business. A major function of a business plan is to attract prospective lenders, so you want to be sure that your plan is as detailed and realistic as possible.

Once open, budget carefully. Pay close attention to what works and what does not, and be prepared to make any needed adjustments.

2. Hire a Capable Staff

The value of a high-quality staff simply cannot be over-emphasized. A good staff can be as effective as you are at understanding business needs, adapting to problems as they arise, and keeping everything running smoothly.

In other words, take the necessary time to seek out and hire a great staff. They will make all the difference as your business gets going.

3. Take Sufficient Time For Yourself

Burnout is quite common among new business owners. After all, the stress of operating a business can be exhausting, and it is easy to overwork yourself.

Be proactive in ensuring that this does not happen to you. Take needed time for yourself — even when you feel you cannot afford it. While hard work and long hours are necessary, failure to have sufficient time to rest and recuperate can easily doom a new business.

In short, there are many components that go into success for new small businesses. The tips above offer some helpful suggestions as you work to make your dream a reality.