Accounts Receivable Financing Could
Unlock Your Business’s Potential

What would you do with a source of funding that is limited only by your sales? With accounts receivable financing from Growth Capital Team, your goals could become reality. If you invoice your customers, we can help you enhance your cash flow and invest in your business’s success. This is a great way to get more liquidity in your business and focus on your growth.

How It Works

We purchase your invoices from you at a slightly discounted rate. You can use that money for anything you need. There is no debt and nothing to repay. You have simply sold us an asset. We then collect from your customer when the balance comes due. The decision is based on your customer’s credit. So, you can qualify even if you have less-than-perfect financials.

The Benefits

There are many great ways that your business can benefit from this program. These are a few good reasons to consider financing receivables:

  • You’ll get paid quickly
  • There are no repayments, guarantees or recourse
  • Any business type can qualify
  • The funding increases with your sales
  • You can take on large or unexpected orders without worry

Get Started

Learn more today about SV Financial Service’s accounts receivable financing. Contact us to get started with a free consultation and analysis.

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