Get Financing That Doesn’t Strain Your Company’s Bank Account: A Merchant Cash Advance

At SV Financial, we understand that it’s common for companies to have different amounts of money in savings. Some businesses that have been operating for decades have a pretty penny set aside for things such as equipment upgrades, office remodeling, vehicle repairs, marketing and other needs. Other companies have a seasonal cash flow that requires much more planning and finesse. We have a lot of experience helping businesses get a strong infusion of capital with our merchant cash advance program.

Why Is a Merchant Cash Advance Easy on Your Bank Account?

A merchant cash advance is a loan that’s based on your company’s credit card sales. If you accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and other credit cards, you can use your merchant account to qualify for this type of loan. Here’s why MCA financing is so comfortable for small businesses:

  • You don’t have to make any fixed monthly payments
  • There are no late fees or penalties to worry about
  • Signing up doesn’t cost you anything
  • We don’t charge any hidden costs
  • Interest rates for MCA financing are attractive
Instead of you having to remember to make payments on your loan every month, we simply deduct a percentage of your total credit card sales to pay off of the capital. Because of this percentage-based repayment instead of a flat fee, you never have to worry about not having enough. You’re good to go any time of year, even during slower months.

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