Purchase Order Financing To Help
You Grow Your Sales

If you accept purchase orders from customers, you may have found your business in a difficult position trying to pay for presold goods. Fortunately, you can set your business up for success with purchase order financing from SV Financial. We can help you get the fund you need to cover presold merchandise, so you can invest in your business’s growth.

How It Works

When you accept a purchase order, we can help you finance the inventory purchases you need to fulfill the order. We offer both production finance and letters of credit on domestic and international transactions. If your business is a producer, wholesaler, reseller or distributor, we can help you, even if you have experienced poor cash flow in the past.


This is a great way to ensure the security and continued success of your business. The following are a few advantages of this program:

  • Fast and flexible funds
  • Opportunity to make on-time deliveries every time
  • Funds to grow your market share
  • Business growth that doesn’t require bank debt or equity sales
  • Chance to fulfill larger orders and bring in additional profits

Get Started

Contact SV Financial today to learn more about our purchase order financing program. We will help you get started with a free consultation and financial analysis.

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