Most business owners and managers already know that content marketing is the cornerstone of online marketing and sales success. But how do you figure out just how well your content marketing efforts are working?

How do you measure that?

How do you put a number on it?

Below are three key metrics you should focus on when determining the effectiveness of your content marketing campaigns.

  1. Number of Qualified Leads

Publishing blog posts and social media content is your key to driving traffic to your website. But traffic alone won’t pay the bills. You need to track which of those visitors actually fill out contact forms and convert into qualified leads.

You’ll also do well to note which traffic channels convert well, along with which types of content seem to drive the most leads.

  1. Leads That Convert to Sales Calls

As your marketing team brings in fresh, warm inbound leads, your sales team then needs to convert those leads into paying customers. So tracking how effectively those leads convert into sales calls is your next key metric. Effective content marketing will put your sales team on the phone or face-to-face with qualified potential customers.

  1. Calls That Convert to Sales

Sales calls that result in actual sales is your third key metric. Granted, at this point the responsibility for closing sales rests with the sales team more than with the marketing team. But keep in mind that you are gauging the effectiveness of your content marketing by how well those leads convert all the way into sales – and repeat sales. If your sales team is having trouble closing the deal with the leads generated through your website, then you might need to tweak your content in order to attract more qualified traffic with a strong buyer’s intent.

Content marketing isn’t just about driving traffic. It’s all about driving traffic that converts. Use these metrics to help you determine the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy.

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